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Rules of the Road for working musicians – A message from The Hurricane

I am happy to see that the blues is still alive in the suburbs of Chicago. Be it North, South, East or West new venues are opening their doors to live entertainment with blues being a primary focus. Yes, even in a down economy but maybe that’s why the blues will never die! Specifically, Live59 in Plainfield, Illinois, Uptown Tap in Westmont, Illinois, The House Pub in St. Charles, Illinois, The French Quarter in Lombard, Illinois. As Al Hurricane Spears journeys through the burbs spreading peace, love and the blues. He realizes that the music scene is just like any other business. As a musician I’ve notice way too many musicians that do not have a sense of business and or showmanship. Yes, I said it! Rules of the road for any working musician ( this is not an inclusive list, but can be very helpful ) 1) Ensure your gear is in working order before attending. 2) Keep a bag with strings, tools, cables, mics ect- I like to call it the magic bag :} Depending on how far I’m away from home I’ll bring another small amp. 3) Dress like your mother was gonna show up 4) Practice good stage presence. 5) Be on time, end on time 6) Not gig related, but stay right sized with your music. 7) There plenty of music and people to share it with. Network and don’t be a hoarder.. You know what I’m talking about 8) Have fun doing what you do 9) Treat every gig like a job that you Make it a point to tell the management that you came for the blues.   Tell them Hurricane said so 🙂

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